Mortgage 101

Hi and welcome. I’m Adam and I’m a mortgage nerd. What’s up with that? Well, I love talking about mortgages and all of the different aspects of how mortgages can be structured (tailored) to benefit a person’s situation to save them money either now or in the long run (life of the mortgage). If you’re ready now, hit the big APPLY button. If you’d like to find out more about which type of mortgage, how points work, or even what to look for in a mortgage lender, then hit the “schedule a call” button.

How Much is Your Home Worth?

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Meet Adam, The Mortgage Nerd

Meet Adam, your mortgage nerd. If you’ve watched some of Adam’s videos and are wondering how he became this mortgage nerd, here’s a short introduction that includes a bit of his background and how he became a mortgage lender. Adam talks about what led him from getting his undergrad degree in biology, working as a firefighter, and ultimately getting his Master’s degree in finance; and how that has played into him being able to help people to get their mortgage loans.

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